Industrial fire protection services

Industrial Fire Protection Services

Few other industries pose more diverse fire protection demands than those of the industrial special hazards markets (refineries, power plants, fuel storage and other facilities prone to rapid and raging fires) or those of warehouse, medical and other large-scale commercial properties.

Our clients are provided with a variety of industrial fire protection services, from code consultation and the development of fire protection philosophies to the design and installation of fire protection systems and testing.

Security Fire Protection provides audits and surveys for the evaluation of industrial facilities to identify deficiencies and limit fire losses involving human life, production, property, and the environment.

No one else in the industry has more expertise when it comes to protecting these types of facilities. Our broad experience allows for the engineering, layout and installation of cost effective solutions in specific types of challenging environments.

Well-planned, technically superior systems—provided on time and on budget—offer optimum  protection for life and property, and our technicians, staff and project managers meet these demands every time.

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