Service & Repair

Service & Repair

Our professional service & repair technicians have hundreds of years of collective experience to resolve any and all of any company’s fire protection problems. Our friendly servicemen take great pride in performing any emergency/repair in the fastest most efficient means possible.

On call 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for Service & Repair

  • Our live answering service allows for personal contact with our service technicians to expedite our company’s unmatched response time to any emergency.
  • With our unique mid-south location we are able to service multiple states promptly.

Cold Storage Specialist

  • Extensively trained technicians can resolve the most difficult fire protection problems within any refrigerated facility. Double-interlock Pre-action systems with linear detection is one of our company’s specialties.
  • Complete cold storage inspections for many national clients.
  • Perform intense diagnostic investigations of false activations nationwide.
  • We perform 100% thaw on any cold storage facility with minimum interruption of daily business.

Special Hazards Services

  • Can perform complete restoration of any foam system after an activation.
  • Service on all Clean Agent and Fire Suppression systems.

Underground Separations

  • 365 days a year our technicians can restore underground service to a facility in the minimum amount of lost time.
  • We have the ability to complete the entire project from repair to finished asphalt if requested.
  • We have performed investigations and underground repairs from coast to coast.

Fire Hydrant Repair

  • Capability to repair most brands of out-dated or obsolete fire hydrants. We have the largest stock of hydrant wrenches in the mid-south.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Inspection, service, recharge, and installation all types of fire extinguisher.

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