Fire Sprinkler Installation

From cold storage to residential fire sprinklers, Security Fire has the experts to get the job done.

Security Fire's dedicated field labor force is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of fire sprinkler installation. We are leaders in the installation of both ambient and cold storage warehouses.

ESFR Warehouse – ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler installations require precise coordination and installation to which allow the sprinklers perform as designed. Obstruction rules for these sprinklers are stringent and a poor installation will end up costing thousands of dollars in re-work. Our installers know the rules for ESFR sprinklers to identify any conflicts early in the installation process. Working with designers, fabricators and other trades our field staff and project managers work together to correct those conflicts.

Cold Storage Facilities - Refrigerated or cold storage warehouses present unique challenges for fire sprinkler systems.  Security Fire is nationally recognized as a leader in addressing these challenges with fire protection for cold storage.  Working with our customers and vendors, we have successfully developed fire protection solutions for cold storage environments.  Our engineering staff and field staff are well-versed in designing and installing double-interlock pre-action systems, including the latest technology in detection and activation.  We are also certified to install ceiling only performance-based design Tyco "Quell" systems for high-pile cold storage facilities.The Tyco "Quell" system eliminates the need for in-rack systems in freezers.  In addition, the "Quell" system combines a hydraulic design with a minimum and maximum time component to "surround and drown" the fire.

Commercial Office & Retail – Security Fire’s field force is experienced with all types of commercial spaces including office, high rise, hospitals, restaurants, schools, churches, tenant infill and others. We would be happy to design or install a commercial fire protection system and can work with special hazards and other fire suppression systems.

Residential – Our staff of residential installation professionals regularly install sprinkler systems in single family homes, multi-unit housing and apartments. These installations are very different in nature to commercial installations and our residential staff is specifically trained for these systems.

Contact us about commercial, industrial and residential fire protection installation.