Special hazards fire protection

Special Hazards Fire Protection

Special Hazard systems are used when adding water in a specific environment could create more harm than good. In certain circumstances, water will only spread fire, damage sensitive equipment or keep operations down for extended periods of time.

As one of the largest fire suppression contractors in the mid-south, Security Fire Protection offers full service layout and installation for many types of Special Hazard Systems. For every project, Security Fire Protection will be involved in the design process and be able to advise the customer on which fire suppression system will be required to meet the owner, insurance and local/national code requirements.

Deluge Systems

Deluge systems are used where total flooding is required due to the nature of the anticipated fire and spread. Using "open" sprinklers and nozzles with a piping system that is open to the atmosphere, the deluge system is operated by a detection system and will totally flood the entire system area. Typical Deluge System installation locations include chemical tank farms, oil refineries and other industrial applications facilities.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Clean agent fire suppression systems can be used in place of, or in conjunction with traditional water based fire protection systems. A clean agent system is usually employed where water damage may cause damage to water sensitive, high value assets such as electronics, computers or original artworks. These systems are proven, fast acting and will eliminate downtime after a fire event. Security Fire Protection installs the following types of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems:

  • ECARO 25
  • FM-200™
  • CO2

Foam Systems

These systems have a wide range of applications. Aircraft hangars, Liquefied Natural Gas facilities, as well as access restricted areas such as tunnels and basements covering hazardous toxic chemicals and Class A or B material are just a few examples.

Military Aircraft Hangar Fire Suppression has experienced an evolution in Fire Protection.  Environmental awareness has made High Expansion Foam Systems the suppression system of choice.  Security Fire Protection’s experience in this specialized field has produced an additional evolution.  The ability to perform Predictable Outcome calculations during the design phase saves time and money at the end of a project during the performance testing.  There are too many cases where the final performance tests result in a failure costing the owner money and the base critical time.  Security Fire Protection was the first to successfully prove numerous times an ability to predict the performance of High Expansion Foam Systems.  Security Fire Protection has also partnered with Ansul to assist in their development of this same technology in multiple Research and Development Projects.

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